15 Jun Sports Drinks: Do we need them?

The marketers have done a great job convincing us that we ‘need’ sports drinks, like Gatorade and Powerade, to sufficiently hydrate ourselves and to maintain peak performance. Millions of dollars are spent reinforcing this message. But, is it true? More importantly - are they healthy for...

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15 May What is your body telling you?

I believe our bodies are perfect. They constantly give us signals, or whispers, but the question is “Are we listening”?  Most of us don't wake up one morning and feel lousy.  Instead, we start feeling minor symptoms, often caused by silent inflammation, that we ignore. ...

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15 Feb Do you love Chocolate?

I do!  I think chocolate should have its very own food group.  It’s comforting, creamy and delicious.  Many of us eat chocolate at least several times a week or even every day! Which begs the question… Is Chocolate Good for You? The answer is both yes and no. Chocolate...

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15 Sep Quick and Healthy Dinners

I'm back from vacation and cannot get motivated to cook dinner.  Anything that takes any more than 10-20 minutes to prepare is agony. I don’t feel like spending much time in the grocery store either, so I have been using ingredients already in my pantry...

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