Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset

26 Mar Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset

I used to believe I had to eat perfectly at every meal.
That meant:
If I made ONE slip-up on my diet
Then, the whole day was RUINED!
Whew – it was actually a great way to let myself off the hook.
Now I could eat whatever I wanted
For the Whole. Rest. Of the. Day!
My thought was:
I’ll start my diet again TOMORROW or if it’s the weekend, I might as well wait until Monday.
Do you believe in ALL OR NOTHING when it comes to your diet?
Instead of all or nothing….
Why not try a different approach?
If you “slip up” or “fall off the wagon”
Like maybe you can’t resist that dark chocolate lava cake (my favorite!!)
That’s OKAY!
Savor each bite.
Feel the flavors exploding in your mouth.
Enjoy the dopamine spike.
Overall, feel good about what you are eating
• Ditch the Guilt
• Ditch the Shame
• Ditch the “I shouldn’t haves”
And put it behind you.
It’s done, finished, finito.
Then, at your next meal, make a more mindful choice and eat something that will nourish your body
And get back on track with your healthy habits.
You don’t have to live in an All or Nothing Mindset.
Give yourself grace.
Let me know if this resonates!

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