6 Foods That Sabotage Your Metabolism

19 Sep 6 Foods That Sabotage Your Metabolism

If your metabolism is healthy and running normally, it burns calories and keeps you feeling good. Exercise and plenty of sleep also help your metabolism function optimally.

However, certain foods can slow down your metabolism and sabotage your efforts. Do you regularly eat these potential metabolism-busters?

1. Refined grains
There’s a difference between whole grains that fuel your body and refined grains. Refined grains are stripped of the nutrients and fiber your body needs. These grains are refined to last longer and to have a softer texture and taste, but they can slow your metabolism. Your best bet is to choose whole grains, like brown rice and quinoa, that haven’t gone through the refining process.
2. Sugary drinks
Sugar can wreak havoc in your body, especially in liquid form. Sodas, energy drinks, and even sports drinks can slow down your metabolism. If you want to make sure your efforts at the gym aren’t wasted, stop drinking your calories. Instead, save the sugar for a special treat, like a little slice of birthday cake on your birthday. It’s a much better tradeoff! If you struggle with sugar cravings, check out this expert roundup where we discuss ways to ditch your sugar cravings.

3. Processed vegetable oils
They might sound healthy with names like sunflower oil or soybean oil, but these processed vegetable oils, which include canola oil, are highly refined. Many vegetable oils that go through a lengthy process of being refined, bleached and deodorized. A solvent called hexane is used to chemically extract the oil from the seeds, which can cause negative health risks. Choose olive or coconut oil instead, which can help speed up your metabolism.

4. Artificial sweeteners
Believe it or not, artificial sweeteners can be worse than sugar. You may think you’re making a healthier choice, but choosing sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin have all be linked to health issues. They can also mess with the good bacteria in your gut, which could hinder your weight loss efforts.  Avoid artificial sweeteners. If you need to add a sweetener, use something natural such as stevia, pure maple syrup or raw honey – but use it sparingly. Another option is sweetening with fresh fruit and berries, like on top of almond meal pancakes instead of syrup!

5. Non-organic produce
Organic produce might cost more, but in the end, you may spend less on healthcare by staying healthier. When you buy non-organic, you’re getting more pesticides which can slow down your metabolism. These chemicals can mess with your gut microbiome as well. If you purchase seasonal organic produce, it’s usually not much more expensive than conventional items.  Big bulk stores like Costco also carry a number of fresh and frozen organic vegetables and fruits. Check out the 2019 Clean Fifteen/Dirty Dozen list to see which items you should buy organic, and the ones you can opt to buy conventionally.

6. Granola
It seems like a healthy choice, but the granola you find in your supermarket often contains hidden sugars and added ingredients that don’t do you any favors. Excess sugar can lead to a condition called leptin resistance. This makes you hungrier while slowing your metabolism to a crawl. If you love granola, you can make your own by selecting fresh seeds, nuts, and oats to enjoy the taste and get true health benefits.

Now that you know what foods might be doing your metabolism, you can be more conscious of what you are eating. If it’s hard to stop drinking soda cold turkey, start reducing your consumption until you no longer crave it. Replace it with water flavored with fresh fruits, and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling better from the inside out!

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