End the Year with Healthy Habits

22 Sep End the Year with Healthy Habits

When the new year starts, you are busy writing your resolutions and coming up with new goals for the new year. However, remember when you were in school? The beginning of the school year was the time for a fresh start. There’s no need to wait for January to work on your healthy habits. Why not start a new healthy habit now?

Now that summer has ended, take a moment to reflect. How have you been spending your time? Do you like your answer or is there something you wanted to start that you never got around to doing? Can you pick one or two goals to focus on from now until the end of the year? After a summer of fun and relaxation, now is a good time to think about your goals. It’s much easier to start working on your goals and forming new habits when you feel rested and ready to succeed.


From my experience, the simplest way to create a new habit is to start with baby steps. Let’s walk through an example. Identify ONE habit you would like to tackle over the next month. For example, let’s say you want to drink more water. The best way to do this is to set up some triggers to remind you to drink water throughout the day. Perhaps that means splurging on a new water bottle that you will be happy to keep with you at all times. Another trigger to remind you to drink water throughout the day, would be to use an app like “Daily Water Tracker” or “Hydro Coach” or set an alarm in your phone every hour to remind you to drink water. Another way to move towards you goal is to start each day with 2 glasses of water. What trigger will remind you to drink your water first thing? Perhaps you set a glass next to your phone at night, so before you pick up your phone in the morning, you drink water.


So often, you rely on motivation to succeed. Unfortunately, sometimes motivation or inspiration doesn’t come. Instead, you need to take action, and stop waiting for motivation! Studies have proven, if you set up a trigger, to remind you of the action you want to take, you are more likely to actually do it. I’m sure you’ve heard people say they put out their gym clothes the night before, to ensure they do their workout the next morning.



Take some time to think about the one habit you’d like to make part of your routine by the end of the year. Then, determine what will trigger you to do the action consistently every day. Start with ONE baby step or trigger. Once that becomes part of your daily routine, add another trigger, to move further towards your goal.


It may be difficult at first, but stick with it. And, above all – don’t take an all or nothing attitude. If you forget to do it one day, that’s okay. If you continuously don’t pay attention to the trigger, perhaps it’s time to reassess the trigger and come up with another one that will remind you to take action.


If one of your goals is to reduce your sugar consumption or kick your sugar habit, I have a special offer for my new book, Sugar Detox: Your ultimate guide to Ditching Your Sugar Cravings and Living a Healthier Life.

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Another great way to jumpstart your healthy habits is to commit to one of the final three Resets of the year!

The October Reset registration is now open! If you are interested in joining for November or December, send me an email to secure your spot now!

I’d love to support you as you focus on one goal from now until the end of the year. Click here to send me a message and let me know what you will be working on. I’ll check in with you weekly to see how it’s going.


You can achieve more with support and accountability!


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