Do You Have a Secret Sugar Addiction?

09 Jan Do You Have a Secret Sugar Addiction?

Are you stuck in the sugar and carb addiction cycle?

You eat well all day long.

Then, you slip into old habits when the 3pm slump hits or you finally get the kids to bed.

You’re exhausted and deserve a treat.

You resort to sugar, starchy carbs or wine as a numbing mechanism.

Then, you feel guilty and helpless – and like a bit of a failure since you were so good all day, but your willpower alone isn’t cutting it.

You know sugar is a potentially harmful and you want to break the habit.

If this sounds familiar, there are ways to beat your sugar addiction.

Simple concepts like meal prep, meals to balance hormones, deciphering marketing spin, accountability, guidance and support have helped numerous clients change their lives and can help you too!

Imagine a life where food no longer controls you.

You understand your sugar and carb cravings and naturally support your body to alleviate them.

Meet Jane, a previous client who followed a step-by-step approach to dietary, lifestyle and mindset shifts. It wasn’t always easy, but Jane found freedom around food:

• Jane no longer needs sugar to comfort or numb herself to make it through the day.

• Jane enjoys food and no longer feels guilty when she eats sugar or carbs.

• Jane no longer feels controlled by sugar.

• Jane no longer has the ‘All or nothing’ attitude when it comes to food.

Instead, she nourishes her body, rather than numbing it with sugar or starchy carbs to cope. She feels good about her choices, without feeling restricted. She no longer uses sugar for instant gratification. She knows which foods her feeling sustained for the long term. For Jane, it’s an unconscious habit, rather than a restrictive ‘diet’ approach.

Jane’s days of riding the sugar roller coaster are gone – and yours can be too!

Introducing the 21 Day Sugar Detox program, a guided virtual, small group program where you uncover what’s underneath you sugar and starchy carb cravings, experiment with different strategies to ditch your addictions, plan balanced meals and snacks with recipes and suggested meal plans.

Feel empowered and in control of your sugar and starchy carb addictions in 3 weeks!

Email [email protected] to learn more about the program and get your questions answered.

Program begins on Monday, January 17th!


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