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15 Jun More Ways to Use your Instant Pot

One of my favorite kitchen appliances is the Instant Pot. There are so many different ways to use an instant pot that you may have never thought about. An instant pot is a multi-purpose pressure cooker that will save you so much time and hassle compared to the conventional way of cooking your meals. It can also replace so many home appliances, which saves you money and space in your kitchen. If you the real reason I upgraded to an Instant Pot, check out this article, featured in Savoryexperiments – where I discuss an epic kitchen disaster!


One of the most common uses of an instant pot is its function as a rice cooker. There’s no need for a rice cooker— which serves only one purpose— when you have an all-in-one instant pot. Best of all, in an instant pot, you can throw in all of the remaining ingredients for your meal with the rice and cook it all at the same time!

Steel-Cut Oats

Your instant pot can cook your breakfast oats without any needed supervision and can keep it warm until you’re ready to eat! Making oatmeal in the instant pot makes it extra creamy and tasty, and there’s no need to keep an eye on it while it cooks. Usually, oatmeal in the microwave or stovetop boils over and can be extremely annoying to cook, especially in those mornings when you’re rushing and need to multitask. You won’t have this problem with an instant pot.

All Kinds of Soups

The best part about an instant pot is that it’s extremely hands-off. All you need to do is throw your ingredients into the pot and wait a few minutes until it’s ready to eat! No stirring, no adjusting the temperature. Your soup will be done within minutes with minimal clean-up and no need to watch over it every few seconds.


No more buying those salty, oily, pre-packaged popcorns from the store. Buy kernels and make your own popcorn for the perfect healthy snack. It uses way less oil, and the best part is that you can add whatever flavors you like, from sweet and salty to savory. One of my favorites is to add some chocolate chips for chocolate drizzled popcorn.


One of the more interesting things you can use your instant pot for is making your very own yogurt. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually extremely easy and a much cheaper, healthier, and tastier option than buying your yogurt from the store. All you need is milk and a yogurt starter. For those who avoid dairy, use coconut milk to make your yogurt dairy-free.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Making hard-boiled eggs in the instant pot is a lifesaver for meal prepping. You can cook an entire carton of eggs within minutes and place them in the fridge for easy access throughout the week.

What are your favorite recipes for the instant pot? Leave a comment with your favorite Instant Pot recipes. Even better – join our Simple Healthy Recipes group and share your recipes there.

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