Reduce the Overwhelm of Cooking 3 Meals a Day

04 Apr Reduce the Overwhelm of Cooking 3 Meals a Day

Are you struggling to put 3 meals a day on the table for your family?

Here are a few strategies to help reduce the overwhelm:

1) Cook two meals: Make a bigger brunch and dinner, so you can avoid cooking a 3rd meal. This is particularly good when you have teenagers who like to sleep late! Then, they can help themselves for the 3rd meal.

2) Encourage other family members help themselves: Having leftovers, soups, salad and sandwich options on hand, that your family members can put together themselves for the 3rd meal has been a live saver! Cut up veggies in advance and put them at eye level in the fridge, for easy access. Our favorite kitchen appliance at the moment is the panini press, since my kids can use it on their own to make grilled sandwiches. Obviously, it depends upon the age of your kids, but my teens have been using it daily. It cuts down on my workload in the kitchen and it’s a snap to clean after each use!

3) Rotate chores in the kitchen: Perhaps you usually don’t ask your kids to do the dishes or prepare meals because they are too busy with school and other activities. However, with everyone home, why not make a few changes. We’ve included our kids in the meal prep and clean-up and it has really helped reduce my workload in the kitchen.

4) Plan your meals: If you are trying to reduce the number of times you need to hit the grocery store, having a plan is key. Involve the family in meal planning, so everyone feels valued and happy with the choices. This also helps with number #3 above, as if your kids help plan the meal, they are more likely to help prepare it. Once you have your plan, create your shopping list to match. Check your fridge, pantry and freezer, to see what you already have on hand – or plan your meals around the perishables you have in your fridge.

5) Buy frozen: You might prefer not to use frozen produce regularly, but now is a great time to have it on hand. Often, frozen fruits and vegetables are flash frozen,right when they are picked and contain more nutrients than the fresh produce, picked months ago. Check out this article for more information.

Here’s a simple recipe for oatmeal that you can make ahead of time, in a large batch, so you have leftovers for afternoon snacks or that 3rd meal! Add nuts or berries to give it some extra fiber and nutrients. If you don’t have all the ingredients on hand, don’t fret. Even just using cinnamon and ginger will give it a yummy flavor.


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Please remember that you are much stronger than you realize.

Sending you lots of love and positive, calming energy.

Yours in wellness,


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