Shift your Relationship with Food

10 May Shift your Relationship with Food

Do you ever stop and think about your relationship with food?

In relation to food, we have been conditioned with so many thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, starting from a very young age. Your relationship with food is individual and varies from others. Having a healthy relationship with food is a crucial part of having a good relationship with your body and feeling good about yourself.

Here are a few tips to help improve your relationship with food:

Listen to and Understand Your Body

Our diet culture has slowly shifted from being restrictive and counting calories to eating intuitively and listening to your body. Your goal is to feed your body and nourish it, so you can thrive – and deprivation isn’t the way to do that. Listen to the cues from your body. If your body is physically hungry, then honor it with food. If you’re thirsty, drink water. Tune into your body so you can notice these cues and provide your body with precisely what it needs.

Take Note of Your Cravings

Now that you’ve tuned into your body and understand its signals, it’s time to distinguish cues from cravings. When a craving comes on, try and determine the root cause. Perhaps your body is low in a particular nutrient, like magnesium – which can often be the cause for chocolate cravings! Or, is it an emotional craving, which ideally would be resolved without food? If you have an emotional craving and you choose to soothe it with food, really tune in and feel your feelings. If you choose to eat the food, savor and enjoy it, bite by bite. Once you finish eating, move on. Don’t feel guilty for eating the food. Tune into how it makes you feel. If you don’t feel good, try and ingrain that feeling in your mind and your body, so you can make a different choice the next time. There is no need to bring guilt or shame into your relationship with food. Notice your cravings, be aware of your feelings, process them and use that information with your future food choices.

Get Sufficient Nutrients

Food is fuel and it’s meant to keep you energized throughout the day. Rather than having a restrictive approach to eating, focus on nutrient dense foods like vegetables and legumes. Focus on eating a balanced diet that includes protein, healthy fats and fiber. A simple rule of thumb is to have half of your plate full of colorful vegetables. You don’t need to measure and obsess, but keep this in mind when putting together your meals. Follow the “eat the rainbow” philosophy, since different colored vegetables and fruits have diverse nutrients. And, if you had a carb-heavy breakfast, be sure to add extra veggies into lunch and dinner, along with healthy fats and proteins, to keep your day more balanced.

Find Alternatives to Combat Stress and Boredom

Excessive and mindless snacking are often a result of emotional eating, usually out of boredom or stress. Identify alternative strategies to manage your cravings, such as taking a walk or reading a book. This is where it’s important to tune into your body and identify what you really need, other than food to satisfy you. If you are stressed, you don’t necessarily need a bag of chips or pretzels. Instead, calling a friend, taking a nice hot Epsom salt bath or a walk in nature might be a better option for your body and mind!

Ready to start the summer strong?

Do you constantly vow not to eat anything after dinner and the next thing you know….

  • the bag of chips or pretzels is empty, or
  • one spoonful of cookie dough ice cream turns into the whole pint, or
  • one wine glass of wine turns into 3


If you are ready to start the summer feeling energized and more in control of your craving and mindless snacking – The Healthy Reset Bundle is for you. It includes the 10 Day Sugar Reset program starting May 13th where you will reset your body and your cravings through awareness of your habits and how they contribute to your sugar and starchy carb cravings. You’ll finish feeling energized and more in control of what you eat, and have the knowledge of how to fuel your body, so you feel energized and satiated – without the need for endless mindless snacking.

The bundle ends with the 3-Day Soup Reset program starting 5/23 where you receive 3 days of delicious allergen friendly soups for 3 simple days of clean eating – to help solidify the healthy habits you’ve incorporated during the Sugar Reset. Give yourself a break: No shopping, no prepping, no cooking and no cleaning – all you need to decide is which soup you want to eat!

The Bundle saves you around $40 off of the two programs and it’s a great way to enter the summer feeling energized, sleeping better and feeling more in control of your food and your eating habits.

This special offer is only valid through Wednesday, May 11th.

Please email me if you have any questions regarding the bundle or either program individually.

Fuel your body with hormone balancing meals to keep yourself satisfied and energized throughout the day!

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