How to Go From Junk Food to Healthy Whole Foods

12 Jan How to Go From Junk Food to Healthy Whole Foods

You know that you don’t want to eat junk food, but somehow, it keeps creeping into your mouth. It’s not your fault! Many packaged foods, like Doritos or Hershey Kisses, are created in a lab to create that perfect ‘bliss point’ when you eat them. The goal of the manufacturers is to get you to eat more, to increase their bottom line. However, it could be increasing your bottom as well.


Here are a few tips to help you break your junk food habit and to help you start eating more delicious, whole foods!


Cut back gradually

Junk food is loaded with the perfect combination of fat, sugar and salt – and your body gets hooked. Start by slowly cutting down on your favorite junk foods, so your body doesn’t go into withdrawal. Choose a healthier version of your addictive food, to start the process. For example, if you love Doritos, why not replace them with organic tortilla chips. These will solve your salt and crunchy craving, without all the extra chemicals and artificial colors. Start with one small step and stick with it until it becomes a new healthy habit. Then, move on to the next one.


Read the ingredient label

I’m sure you’ve heard to stick to the perimeter of the grocery story since that’s where all the fresh produce, meats and dairy products can be found. However, you still need staples from the inner aisles. Before placing an item in your cart, read the ingredient label (not the front of the product!!). Choose packaged items with few ingredients – and make sure you can visualize each ingredient. For example, can you visualize soy protein isolate!


Make your plate colorful

Salads are boring if they just contain soggy lettuce in a bowl. Instead, add a rainbow of colors and a mix of textures. Add tomatoes, colorful peppers, chick peas, crunchy sunflower seeds, and even a bit of goat cheese to satisfy your palate.


Interrupt your patterns

If you always swing by Starbucks for a venti caramel macchiato on your way to the grocery store, choose a different route. Or, take a walk at 4pm, rather than sitting on the couch with the bag of chips. It only takes a few weeks to replace a less healthy habit, with a healthier one, but consistency is key! Once you’ve accomplished one, you’ll feel so good that you’ll be ready to tackle your next habit swap.


Plan ahead

If you open the fridge and see beautiful cut up peppers with some homemade hummus, you’re likely to eat it. Have healthy snacks easily available, like proportioned nuts, cut up veggies and washed berries. Preparation and planning are the keys to success!


Remove the junk from your house

It’s so much easier to avoid the junk food if it’s not in your house. It’s easy to think “I’m buying it for my kids or my spouse.” But – if it’s a food you can’t resist, then it’s better out of the house. This way, if the craving strikes at midnight, you won’t sneak it from the pantry. Plan your treats and take the time to truly savor and enjoy them.


Educate yourself

A great way to eat less processed foods is to learn what’s in them. Pull out those packaged foods and research the labels. Look up all the ingredients you can’t visualize or pronounce. They sound much less delicious now, don’t they?


And, as always, have compassion and patience with yourself. You can’t change everything all at once.


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