Healthy Fast Food Options

16 Nov Healthy Fast Food Options

Are you tired of cooking non-stop? Generally, the healthiest options are when you cook from scratch at home, but there are times when your schedule requires a quicker option. Whether you leave your healthy packed lunch at home on the counter or don’t have time to cook something healthy when you get home, don’t stress about it. There are healthy fast food options, provided you pay attention to what you order. These five suggestions are good to keep in mind when you are short on time:

1. Chipotle

The best part of Chipotle is the way they source their animal proteins.  They use grass-fed beef, pasture chicken, humanely raised pork and more. This is my favorite fast food option – and it’s one that pleases the entire family. For a lower starchy cart option, choose a burrito bowl. Start with a base of lettuce, a dash of brown rice, black or pinto beans, fajita veggies (you can ask for extra veggies!) and add your favorite protein. Their salsas are delicious as is their guacamole. Add some additional lettuce on top and you have a health and delicious meal, ready in minutes!

2. Starbucks 

No matter where you are, it seems you can find a Starbucks or seven in the area. They have improved their menu options, so you can find a quick, healthy bite, nearly anywhere! Their protein boxes, like the grilled chicken and hummus box (you can choose whether to eat the pita bread), packs in around 22 grams of protein and will keep you satiated for the day. Favorite breakfast options are the sous vide egg bites or their classic whole grain oatmeal with nuts and berries.

3. Panera

Panera offers many salads, soups and bowls to choose from. Sometimes, the perfect combination is the soup and salad combo. Just watch for the additions like croutons or other crunchy or creamy toppings as they can add extra calories to your originally healthy option. Same with vinaigrette dressings that can be loaded with sugar. (No wonder it tastes so good!)

4. Subway: Make it a salad

Did you know that you can order your favorite sandwich as a salad bowl instead? The important thing to watch out for at Subway is their sauces and salad dressings. Most of their salad dressings have added sugar (like the sweet onion teriyaki with 18 grams of added sugar!), so it’s best to stick with oil and vinegar.

5. Grilled Chicken Salad

It may sound a bit boring, but it’s generally an option you can find anywhere. Most fast food restaurants have one, and it works in a pinch.

No matter which drive-thru you find yourself in, avoid anything labeled ‘crispy’, ‘crunchy’ or ‘creamy’ and stick with roasted, grilled, or steamed options instead. Then, you’ll be more likely to find healthy fast food options that fit within your healthy eating plan.

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