Are you listening to your body?

09 Nov Are you listening to your body?

Your body is perfect! It is constantly giving you signals, but the question is “Are YOU listening”?

You don’t wake up one morning feeling lousy. Instead, you start noticing minor symptoms, often caused by silent inflammation, that you chalk up to getting older – and ignore. Unfortunately, those minor symptoms are often the sign of something going on. Over time, this causes inflammation, which exacerbates your symptoms and possibly causes disease. Often it is caused by problems with your gut health.

For example, do you have intermittent stomach pains, bloating and gas? Is your skin not as clear as you would like or does more hair fall out than you’d like? [If you need tips on how to naturally grow thicker hair, check out these tips from top experts (include moi!)]  Do you experience fatigue, brain fog and/or headaches? Many assume these are a normal part of aging, but I disagree! It’s often due to poor gut health. Believe it or not, you can improve your gut health naturally – through diet and lifestyle choices.Yoga, Relax, Change, Body, Peaceful, Healthy, Care

I truly believe that most of us want to be healthy for as long as we live, but sometimes we aren’t sure how to get there. It’s truly a journey. With the daily stresses of life, I used to turn to diet coke and pretzels as my ‘comfort foods’.  I didn’t understand why I was tired, bloated and full of skin rashes all the time. Unfortunately, when I started feeling tired, I reached for another diet coke to give me the jolt I needed and the vicious circle continued!

When I finally started listening to my body, I realized that the chemicals in diet coke and the gluten in pretzels were causing my intermittent stomach pains, tiredness and skin rashes.  But I was addicted and honestly, I didn’t think I could ever live without diet coke and pretzels! I slowly started reducing my intake and replacing it with seltzer and healthier snack alternatives.  After about 3 months, I was no longer drinking diet coke or eating pretzels and my skin rashes, hives and stomach pains vanished.

Sometimes, it takes a huge wake up call for us to start listening to our bodies. I believe that this is how many of us end up suffering from chronic health symptoms.  I’m not suggesting that a chronic illness is around the corner, but I am suggesting you take the time to listen to the ‘whispers’ of your body. Slowly decreasing my diet coke intake was very difficult, but following the baby step approach, I was successful. And now, when I look at the results I have achieved, it was well worth the short term discomfort!

Are you ready to start listening to the murmurs of your own body? Do you want to learn how to improve your gut health naturally – through diet and lifestyle choices?

If so, join the Effortless 3-Day Reset Program. It’s amazing what past participants have achieved. Check out the latest update from one of our regular participants to see what you can achieve through this short, guided program:

“I have done the Reset Program for the past three months and I’ve lost 16 pounds in total. My swelling and inflammation are down, my chronic symptoms have subsided and I’m eating and feeling much better. I can’t wait to join the next reset to keep moving forward. I highly recommend working 1:1 with Elizabeth and doing the Effortless 3-Day Reset!” Dina T, New Providence, NJ

It’s time to start listening to your body and learning how you can improve your health and well-being! Join us now for the Effortless 3-Day Reset Program.

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