Five Tips to Get Back on Track with Healthy Eating

31 Oct Five Tips to Get Back on Track with Healthy Eating

Did you know the extra pounds you put on between Halloween and Christmas can take more than 5 months to lose? That’s according to research conducted by Cornell University.

Why not try a different approach this year?

Make a Resolution not to gain weight during the holidays, rather than a New Year’s resolution to lose weight!

I know that might sound tough, when you have piles of leftover Halloween candy, but don’t let that derail your efforts. I fully support the 80:20 lifestyle, where we include treats and indulgences 20% of the time. It’s when those little treats and indulgences lead you completely astray… and you have trouble finding your way back.

Here are five tips to help you take back control of your healthy habits and improve your gut health:

1. Don’t let one cheat meal throw off your entire week
Often, when we slip up and have a cheat meal or even a full day of unhealthy eating, we get frustrated with ourselves and think why do I even bother – and give up. Those unhealthy eating habits become the norm and keep you from achieving your health goals. Do not let one unhealthy meal lead you to believe that you’ve undone all your progress. Simply put that situation in the past and have a healthy, balanced meal for your next meal.

2. Eat whole, unprocessed foods
Please do not make yourself crazy measuring, calculating, and recording everything you eat. Instead, keep it simple and eat real, unprocessed, whole foods. Eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and proteins. Avoid pre-packaged meals, take-out and foods with ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Not only is this the healthiest way to fuel your body – it often will save you money too!

3. Plan and prepare your meals
As Ben Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This is so true when it comes to healthy eating and healthy habits. The key is to be prepared. Don’t let your busy schedule leave you with no other option than to order takeaway. Dedicate one day in the week towards washing and cutting your veggies, preparing some staples such as brown rice, sweet potatoes and/or organic chicken, and store them in the fridge, so you start off the week with healthy options.

4. Keep an emergency food kit with you
Again, planning and preparing your meals is the most valuable thing you can do. If you’re hungry at the mall or your friend has no healthy snacks at her house, be prepared! Keep an emergency food kit with you. Pack a bag of nuts and seeds, homemade granola, hummus and carrots, an apple, or even some dark chocolate for dessert. Pack whatever healthy snacks YOU enjoy, so that you will actually eat them, and always keep a bottle of water with you.

5. Stop depriving yourself and stressing over every bite and enjoy life!
A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Don’t be so restrictive with your dietary choices or you will be miserable and feel deprived. That’s no way to live life! Eat healthy, whole foods, and make mindful indulgences. If you want to eat birthday cake, eat a small slice and truly enjoy it. Often, the first few bites are the best, and if you savor it slowly, you may even realize you don’t want to finish it. And once you make your decision, don’t judge yourself and stress about it. A negative mindset surrounding food can be more destructive than choosing mindful indulges which you truly enjoy.

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