What’s in your B.A.G.?

24 Nov What’s in your B.A.G.?

I went to a great presentation a few weeks ago by a local therapist, Cara Maksimow, and something she spoke about truly resonated with me. She talked about a tool that she uses each day:

What’s in your B.A.G.?

Rather than only ask her children what three things they are thankful for at the end of each day, she’s elaborated on this concept. B.A.G. stands for:

whats in your bagB = Best thing that happened today
A = Accomplishment of the day
G = what you are Grateful for today

I love this concept. I have started to use it with my children each day and it has been good for all of us. Sometimes their responses are silly, but other times, their answers astonish me! Like when my youngest daughter said, “I am grateful for storms, because after them I can see a rainbow!”

During this Thanksgiving season, I challenge you to take a few minutes and think about what you are grateful about in your life. Really spend time thinking about this and why you are grateful for these people and/or things. Dwell on how they make you feel and how they have changed your life. This exercise helps more than you realize. If you follow the ‘Law of Attraction’, you realize that we attract things that we focus on. So, if you are focusing on things you are grateful for, you will draw more of the same into your life. It’s up to you: if you spend more time feeling gratitude and less time complaining – you will feel good and draw more positive things in your life.

And, while you’re at it, expand this concept of gratitude and think about “What’s in your B.A.G.” at the end of each day!

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