PSW Jumpstart Program

Congratulations – You’ve completed the 3 Day Reset Program!


Now what?


Do you feel great – and want to keep up the momentum – and avoid frequent weight fluctuations?
grilled salmon cropped


 Are you tired of obsessing over everything you put in your mouth – feeling guilt, fear, judgment, shame and/or pressure with every bite?


Let’s keep up the momentum and make some changes for the long-term.   


The “PSW-Jumpstart Program”  is here for YOU!


I’ve combined my savvy shopping skills with my passion for healthy eating to bring you this one-of-a-kind program!


Learn how to spend less, stress less and eat healthier.


This is a tailor-made program that’s individualized just for you! Together we’ll review your current diet and lifestyle choices, make tweaks that work for you now; raid your pantry – identifying the good, the bad and the ugly OR we’ll shop your favorite grocery store hunting for healthier alternatives at great prices that work for you and your family; and if you choose, we can cook up an easy, tasty, healthy meal together.


Are you ready to:   
gain more energy
– reduce belly bloat
reduce pain/inflammation
– have more regularity, less constipation
– have better skin and hair
– look better in your clothes
– reduce your risk of disease


It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of yoyo dieting and invest in YOURSELF today. 


Say GOODBYE to Belly Bloat, Gain Energy, Reduce Cravings, Alleviate Emotional Eating and more…… 

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Add-on option availablePlan, prep and cook a meal together, using healthy, fresh ingredients.