Healthy Habits Challenge

Are you ready to make some changes to improve your health?


Did you know  simple changes to your diet and lifestyle CAN CHANGE the expression of your genes?


Make beneficial changes easily with the

Show Yourself Some L♥ve:

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No guess work. No need to figure out the best changes to make.

All changes are well documented and easy to manage.



Join now and start making healthier choices which lead to healthy habits!

It’s simple!

For 7 days, we will incorporate TWO small changes each day:

1 food change and 1 non-food change

There’s no crazy powders, no expensive supplements to buy. You will eat real, whole foods.

Prior participants have experienced:


 √ Increased energy

√ Improved digestion (less gas, constipation, belly bloat)

√ More satisfied after meals

√ Reduced cravings

√ Weight loss

                            and MORE…..


The next guided group program will be announced soon!

What’s included:

√ Program Guide

Private Facebook Group

Daily Support and Accountabilty

Group Support System

Inspiration to make Healthy Choices

Daily Food and Non-Food Changes

Step by Step Instructions – Easy to Follow

Join to start making healthier choices which lead to healthy habits!

Please email me if you have any questions regarding the program!

I can’t wait to support you!


Join us NOW: Baby steps lead to long lasting changes!