Healthy Made Easy Introductory Package

Are you confused as to what foods are healthy?grilled salmon cropped


Do you feel eating nutritious foods is too complicated?  Too expensive?


Do you want someone to guide you, step by step to ‘Make Healthy Easy’?


If so, the Healthy Made Easy Introductory Package is for YOU!


I HATE wasting money – and I LOVE finding good deals. 


I’ve combined my savvy shopping skills with my passion for healthy eating to bring you this one-of-a-kind program!


Learn how to spend less and eat healthier.


This is a tailor-made program that’s individualized just for you! Together we’ll raid your pantry – identifying the good, the bad and the ugly; we’ll shop your favorite grocery store hunting for healthier alternatives at great prices that work for you and your family; and if you want, we can cook up an easy, tasty, healthy meal together.


This comprehensive package includes:
  • An initial discussion of your current health and health goals
  • A review of your current eating habits and daily meals
  • A hands-on, interactive session option:

    –  pantry review/cleanse, which includes label reading and providing healthier swaps and alternatives for your ‘must have’ foods


    – A guided shopping tour (Costco, Trader Joes, ShopRite OR Whole Foods), to help you navigate the grocery store and find the best products, at the best prices, to meet your needs

  • A follow-up visit to pull together the information from above and make it work for you. This can include meal options, recipes and suggestions, a group/family discussion or whatever best suits your needs.
  • A new client package that includes tips for: reading labels, the ingredients to avoid, the hidden names for sugar and MSG, info on when organic is necessary, a recipe guide with delicious plant-based meals and more, suggested resources and a plant based recipe guide.
  • Email support as needed to support above activities.


Isn’t it time to invest in your and your family with this comprehensive introductory package? Click here to inquire.


Add-on option availablePlan, prep and cook a meal together, using healthy, fresh ingredients.